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Dwight Morgan

2858 Sunday Road

Stockbridge, Georgia  30281

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 November 14, 2016

 Re:  2016 OB and YB Flying Seasons

 To All GARPC Club Members:


As the 2016 Young Bird flying season comes to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who participated in both the Old Bird and Young Bird flying seasons this year.  


I would like to give special recognition to Leon Furnish for his long -term dedication to the sport of pigeon racing and for his outstanding participation to the Greater Atlanta Racing Pigeon Club.  Leon is one of the longest standing members of the club, as well as, a living legend to the sport.  We want to give him the utmost respect for all this contributions.


Thank you, as well, to Willie Hendricks for his long time dedication to the club and for always bringing smiles and laughter to all the members.  He keeps up on point during meetings and is always willing to welcome challenges, win or lose! 


Next, I want to recognize Birney Bowmaster for being a great team player and very faithful,  being up to whatever challenge arises.


Recognition would not be complete without mentioning Sonny Almario and his Thunderwing Loft.  He is a long-standing member of the club and a very tough competitor in the sport of pigeon racing.  His endurance with is grueling work schedule demonstrated is true love of the sport.


Thank you, Jim Demers, for your decision to return to the sport.  You are a formidable opponent, not to mention, you keep us laughing during the toughest of times and circumstances.


Special thanks to Norma Zebrowski for continuing the legacy of her late father-in-law, Walter Zebrowski.  Without any knowledge of pigeons, you were given the task of caring for Walter’s pigeons and fell in love with the sport and decided to carry on his legacy.  I thank you for that.


Thank you Ellen Trent for always being willing to do whatever it takes whenever called on.  Thank you for opening your home to us and providing a shipping point for the club.  On a personal note, I have watched you develop into a great pigeon enthusiast.  Keep up the good work!


Special recognition goes to Gary Parker for his undying love of the sport.  I reckon him to the “Energizer Bunny,” because he never gives up and he keeps going and going!  Thank you for deciding to drive the extra miles to race pigeons with our club.  We appreciate your loyalty and dedication.


You have to respect flyers like Graham Hardy who, through adverse conditions of losing nearly all his pigeons, he was able to bounce back and finish the young bird season, even winning one of the races!  Now that’s dedication and perseverance!


To Mohammed Shahjahan , I have watched as you have grown  and develop into a true pigeon competitor.  I admire your constant dedication.


Its great to watch Abdi Salman transition from high-flyers to racing pigeons.  Glad to have you join us as a fellow competitor.


Our newest member, Julius Escoto, held his own during the young bird season and is developing into a great competitor.


Special thanks to our liberator/truck driver, Troy Dowdy for doing a fantastic job in delivering our pigeons with great care.


Thank you to Alan Opdyke for keeping our website up to date for us.


Thank you to the MEGA club for making the combine a success!!


In closing, please accept my sincere, personal thank you for the opportunity to serve you as President of the GARPC for 2016.  It has been a great year for the club.  I look forward to 2017 with  great expectations as we grow as a club and encourage new membership.  Let us continue to encourage one another, show love and respect.  In spite of differences, we are in this together for camaraderie and fellowship.  We are a pigeon family!!! Let’s keep ‘em flying!!


Once again, many thanks!! Congratulations to all the winners and competitors. 


Sincerest regards,





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