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GARPC Race Rules

Supplement to AU Race Rules

Race Expenses

1.01 All indebtedness of a member to the club shall be paid before any birds may be entered in competition by that member.

1.02 Each flying member shall comply with the current method and procedure for financing the expenses of a race series

1.03 The Race Secretary shall keep a record of race related expenses and make a report at the end of race series for all races flown.

1.04 All members must pay the guarantee (one-half of the total amount for old birds, full amount for young birds) before participation in the first race. The remaining one-half of the cost for the old bird series will be due by the midpoint of the race series. If a member does not participate in the first race of the old bird series, he must pay the full amount of the guarantee upon entry of his first race.

1.05 Club members may request, in writing to the race committee, to fly on a per bird basis. Requests should be made prior to or on guarantee commitment date. Guests may ship on a per bird basis. Per bird entry fee of $5.00 will be collected at banding.

1.06 Race fees and bird maximum will be determined by the Race Secretary. Only one (1) bird limit and one (1) fee will be allowed/accessed per physical address.

Race Schedules

2.01 Prior to the December meeting, the Race Committee will review the previous years race schedule (Old and Young) and propose changes. The new schedules will be presented to the club at the November or December meeting at which time the membership can vote on them. Only members who paid the OB or YB guarantee for the previous year may vote on current OB and YB schedules. (upd per Dec., 2007 mtg.)

These schedules should be consistent with the Dixie Association races and provide proper preparation and training of birds for the longer races in a series.

Each schedule submitted shall include the following:
- Geographical location of liberation points.
- Dates and distances to be flown.
- Designation of average speed races, special races, open races, limitation, etc.
- Formulas for distribution of any prizes.

2.02 If circumstances make it appear advantageous for the club to change a race schedule, a meeting of flying members will be held to evaluate the alternatives and make a decision. A majority vote of flying members present will be required to change a race schedule.

2.03 Race entry forms will be of a uniform nature and will be furnished by the club. Forms will be completed by each member for each race, and should list in numerical order each pigeon, its complete band lettering, color and sex.

2.04 Only disputes, regarding ownership of a pigeon, between the person to whom a band is registered and the shipper will be considered by the Race Committee, whose ruling will be final.

2.05 The maximum number of pigeons permitted to be placed in a crate must allow at least 48 square inches of floor space per bird for its comfort in feeding and watering. Areas used for watering and feeding containers will not be included in available floor space. (16 birds per current club crates)

2.06 In shipments involving pigeons countermarked at more than one location, each container shall be inspected at the central shipping point to assure that they are properly sealed. Any not properly sealed shall be refused shipment until a complete checking and listing of each pigeon therein by band number and countermark is obtained, after which it will be properly sealed and shipped, provided that sufficient time remains to make the departure deadline. Further inspection shall be made at the point of liberation, and pigeons in any container improperly sealed shall be barred from competition.

2.07 All shipping crates must be in good serviceable condition and must be free from any openings, breaks, or other damage which is capable of injuring or permitting the removal or escape of a pigeon.


3.01 Liberation of any race shall be made only in acceptable weather as determined by the official liberator acting in accordance with the Standard Operation procedures on weather.

3.02 The shipping and/or liberation of a race may only be canceled by the race committee.

3.03 If bad weather prevents liberation of any race, the birds shall be returned, held over for a later release, or returned part way and released. The race committee shall have the discretion to determine appropriate action.

3.04 Time of release and predicted weather along the flight path should be available via GARPC voice mail. It is each members responsibility to obtain this information from the voice mail. (770)492-2972

3.05 Training pigeons may be shipped, providing shipping space is available. Training pigeons will be released sixty (60) minutes or more before the first scheduled race or thirty (30) minutes or more after the last race. Additional fees for training (to be paid to the driver) will be determined and paid at time of shipping.

Calculations - WINSPEED Program

4.01 The latitude and longitude of each loft will be determined by an official surveyor. Diagrams furnished the surveyor showing loft locations shall be made out by the Race Committee. Each loft must have distances to each release station computed by an official surveyor or the Race Secretary to compete in race. Each member must pay for any cost incurred by the club in obtaining measurements.

4.02 On all races the cutoff for clocking will be 4 days/3 nights from the start of the race (max time allowed by the WINSPEED program).

4.03 Average speed for a series of races will be calculated by dividing the accumulated yardage flown by the accumulated minutes of flying time.

These Race Rules were originally adopted by the Greater Atlanta Racing-Pigeon Club on March 8, 1984. .During December 1996 they were edited to mesh with the new Official AU Race Rules of the American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc. This new supplement was approved by the club on July 3, 2012.


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